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Zionism = Facism ?

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Just got done watching a video on Youtube

It really brought some things I have been thinking about for a while to the surface.

Our society spends a lot of time and money producing entertaining mediums to tell us how reprehensible the Nazi party’s Aryan ideals were.

It shows us horrific visions of concentration camps and torture. It shows us the angry fuhrer shouting like a demoniac and a wild crowd of cultists cheering him on.

But it seems strangely quiet in redressing the atrocities being perpetuated by the same Zionists that would shout down the Aryan philosophies. Why is it that the United Nations declared Zionism a racist ideology in 1975, only to repeal that ruling in 1991?

To understand the Zionist threat we must first understand Zionism.

Zionism had a diverse and widespread origin, making it hard to generalize one place or time. The geographical region it seems to have originated in is Central and Eastern Europe.

All across the European continent anti-semitic feelings prevailed. Whether it was due to economic reasons, as it generally was in Russia and Germany, or for Religious reasons, as it seemed to be in other areas of the world, the Europeans were tiring of the “Chosen” people’s presence in their communities.

It was during this time in the early 19th century that the Jewish communities in Europe began to seek to address the problem their people were facing. While some Jews favored assimilation, many began to develop reactionary ideologies such as Zionism.

Just as Fascism developed from a perceived, perhaps real cultural threat, so to did Zionism develop to answer the burgeoning threat of anti-semitism.

This tit-for-tat explanation has often been used to justify the Jews for holding their Zionist beliefs. I find this to be a pragmatic truth. They are justified for seeking their own cultural self-determination.

Didn’t see that one coming did you? I believe all ethnic groups have a right to seek cultural self-determination. I believe all races have the biological primary directive to reproduce and prosper and dominate their ecosystem.

I also believe that the Germans had every right to attempt to purify their homeland and to seek to safeguard their culture from the influences of a Stranger people. Just as the Jews in Israel are doing today by building their wall.

We as Aryans must realize that that which sets us apart from the Stranger Folk is more than skin color. It is deeper than the color and texture of your hair. It runs in your blood and links us to our peoples’ original ancestors which are the Shining Ones. Our culture, our language, our history, our blood. These things are what make us Aryan and we have a Natural Right to defend that lineage, that Othila our sacred enclosure and our birth right.

We must cease to support a Stranger people in their course of self-determination and cast aside the religious shackle that was formed to yoke our fate to theirs – Christianity.

We as Aryan folk must return to our Father Odin and to the traditions that will strengthen our souls and fortify our bodies and minds.

We have a right to follow our genetic inheritance, to embrace the chilling autumn wind as it howls from the hallowed halls of our Northern forebears. The murder-frosts made us strong, let us not become weak in the balmy summerland of our modern lives. Do not give in to the Zionist. Resist the Oligarchy and the Jewish slave master.