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Occupy Wall Street?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on October 15, 2011 by Harmony041297

Over the past few weeks I have been grazing on information about the Occupy Wall Street protests. When I first heard of them I dismissed them, thinking this would be quickly staunched by media black out and general American ennui.

It seems however that we may be actually starting something that might get a result.

Notice I didn’t say what kind of result I think this might garner, or if it will even be beneficial. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and a stampeding herd can be driven off of a cliff.

From what I have seen from interviews and youtube videos the folks involved with the protests aren’t entirely sure what the solution to the problem we all universally feel should be. This is a dangerous situation for the movement to be in.

Just today I saw a video by the hacker group “Anonymous”. In it an electrically generated voice told me that the solution to the American Rip-off is to gleefully accept a global rip off. “Global resource pooling” and “Wise distribution of life sustaining resources” is what Anonymous suggests.

Who will wisely distribute the water and food? Who will oversee the global pool? How can be we sure that by doing this we will not be signing away the last of our rights to self-determination? How do you protest a global emperor? How do you riot against a global corruption? How do you resist an authority that decides if you eat or starve?

Come on people, wake up. The blissful days when rumors of new world orders and oligarchies could be laughingly dismissed as conspiracy theories are long past. The theories have been proven, it’s quite plain for those who simply look with their eyes.

The bank bailout was the biggest scam in History, it was perpetrated by the banking principalities and financial powers that seek to rule the global economies and shackle each and every one of as wage slaves serving our feudal lords for minimum wage and a ration booklet.

As we speak the police in cities all over the world are sweating bullets and swinging batons, tackling citizens and imprisoning our fellow Americans for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech and their Constitutional right, should we the people feel so inclined, to replace the Government that no longer serves us; the people.

The police know that these protests carry the potential for revolution. The banking tyrants know that this could be the death knell for their oligarchy. If they cannot steal the thunder of this movement they could be overthrown.

Thus the videos by Anonymous, thus the almost silent philosophical hijacking of the Occupy Wall Street protest. What began as a universal American protest has now become an Orwellian thought-police exercise.

Death to Tyranny. Give me Liberty or Death. Say no to Global Resource Pooling, no to the encroaching oligarchy.

Vote Libertarian, down with the two party system.