Amazing Cartoon

Currently I have been speaking with a distant cousin who lives in the Czech Republic and is attending the university at Prague. He has been a fast friend and we have been discussing all manner of things from religion to politics to economics. I discovered he has always acknowledged the Shining Ones, but never really knew how to take his belief into another, deeper level, so I have been helping him on that quest, passing along information, links and anecdotal experience.


Today he forwarded me this link to Youtube for a children’s cartoon from the 1980s. It was animated by a Dutch film company and I have never heard of it up until now, so I am assuming it was never an international release. It is charming and tells the Saga of Utgardloki’s battle of majik with Thor, Loki and Tjalfe, Thor’s human servant. The movie is called Valhalla and is presented on Youtube in seven ten minute segments. I encourage everyone to check it out, the animation and story-line is sure to warm any Heathen’s heart.


We need more child-oriented myths such as this.


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